Supply Chain Management

Atlas Chain provides end-to-end inventory and logistics management: from loading EX works to returns management

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We take care of supply chain management from the first to the last mile, allowing customers to focus on their core business

For more than 15 years, Atlas Chain experts are providing logistics management in accordance with the highest standards of service.


Scale business, not cost

Atlas Chain controls costs, with more than 15 years of expertise in SCM, experience with leading retailers and manufacturers. This gives the client the required service level (SLA) 
and complete transparency at all steps for a fare price.


Maximum fleet efficiency

We help to efficiently utilize your own fleet, manage external carriers and use our resources. Forget about downtime and the endless search for forwarders under spot.


Full transparency and manageability

With our cloud-based platform, we create a shared one-stop ecosystem for all chain participants. This allows to identify failures and its contributors at every step, and take actions quickly.

Supply Chain Management by Atlas Chain stands for:

Analysis and optimization of the entire supply chain: from inventory and storage management to delivery to consumer

Captive fleet management, full or partial process outsourcing

Logistics automation, vendors integration in one IT platform

Real-time tracking and transparency and instant incident management

Increase the efficiency of logistics and reduce costs in 1 month!


cost reduction and optimization of the entire logistics system


increase in positive feedback from end customers and re-orders


accelerating Supply Chain Processes


guarantee for compliance with SLA


Management of individual functions or the entire logistics

Contract logistics

Performaning individual logistics functions. For example, transport logistics, warehouse logistics, inventory management.

It allows you to free part of your own resources involved in logistics, and channel them to other areas of business for greater efficiency.

Logistics outsourcing

Supply chain management and monitoring from the first to the last mile. All participants – from driver to consignee – are within a single ecosystem, which makes logistics transparent and manageable.

The database allows experts to conduct an in-depth process analysis and propose solutions to reduce logistics costs.


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